Allergies are not for wimps

Four days of scratchy throat, three of which I could barely speak. let alone breath.  I love mother nature, but sometimes she delivers a whammy.  🙂  I am sorry I was side tracked by her.

This reminded me of another battle people with PTSD face.  Whenever you are sick, you feel vulnerable, and are at a higher risk of flashbacks and other symptoms.  So you may not only have a cold, allergies, or the flu, but during this time, it can be hard to work through triggers and feelings.  It’s like a stranger barging into a public restroom and you have no door and your pants are down.  It’s hard to feel safe like that.

Luckily being sick can keep others at a safe distance.  That helps, but I also keep reminders of grounding techniques, and a thankful list handy.  It may not stop a trigger, but these can help to work through one.

So sick and bad days be gone!  I’ll stick with being thankful for my breath.  Thankful for a spouse who knows how to nurse a PTSD patient.  Thankful for space to be me.


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