A recovery day

As we are both survivors of PTSD, the smartest things my spouse and I do is schedule recovery time.  Since we both deal with flashbacks and triggers, we know the effect this can have on both of us.  After the hard work of yesterday and this morning, we scheduled recovery time today.  I have to say it was much needed.

Does this mean that we don’t do anything?  Sometimes.  I went through some easy things this afternoon, so I was still working towards are moving goals.  I still got a quote on the new renters insurance that we will need now.  I still planned out how to get everything done this week with my new work schedule.  The difference is there is a lot of down time with it.  No expectations, for either of us from either of us.  If one of us wants to cook diner, we do.  If we don’t, we don’t.  No judgements.

The freedom I experience from being in a relationship like this is uplifting.  We aren’t perfect by no means, but I know I have the freedom to feel what I feel.  I need no excuses.  I need no reasons.  After years of control and abuse, this is as important to my recovery as the techniques I use.  To have that on top of love an acceptance, it makes the tough times that come up with us worth it.

So yeah, today I’m very grateful for my spouse.  Who has been my rock and sounding board today.  I am thankful for a recovery day, as it means I made it through a rough day.


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