The Whys

Another one of my poems written when I was first trying to process the whole CPTSD diagnosis.

Why do I do this?
The torture to myself
Why the feeling to be perfect?
Why do I feel that less than perfection is my failure?
Why can’t I accept myself for who I am?
Why am I NEVER good enough for myself?
If I am not good enough, is anyone?
There are a lot of whys.
They come automatically.
Now I just have to learn what to do with them.
Learn how to love myself.
Learn how to love.


One thought on “The Whys”

  1. Little ones learn from their Grownups
    How else?
    How not to?
    So, of course, we did.
    So hard to unlearn
    and not only depose it
    also stand it on its head
    learn we are right side up
    we are good
    have always been good

    we love
    it is safe to love
    it is safe to be loved


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