Dear Christian,

Hello!  You probably don’t remember me.  I’m the person that you talked to about joining your church, but I declined.  That is normally when most of you quit talking to me.  It’s okay.  I’m used to it.  It’s the one thing that seems to be consistent between a lot of the faiths of the world.  If I don’t immediately want to jump on board, then I’m not worth talking to.

Since you don’t normally pay attention to me, I thought I would write you this letter.  I see a lot of things, and what I see brings up a lot of questions in my mind.  Since I have a hard time getting your attention, I thought writing to you would be a great way to give you the chance to answer these questions.  You see, I don’t want to judge you without hearing your side of things.  I want to try to understand things from your perspective, and I can’t unless we talk and have a conversation.  So forgive me if this letter seems too forward.  I couldn’t figure how else to ask you these questions since you are always too busy for me.

That brings me to my first question.  Now I know not everyone is like this, but since I’ve seen it so much, I thought I would start with this one.  If someone doesn’t believe like you, why do you not associate with them?  I thought that is how we learn, but maybe exposing yourself to other beliefs or traditions is hard because of what you believe.  I’m not sure. What I’ve read of the bible had Jesus speaking to everyone, but maybe there are other parts I’ve just not got to yet.  I wouldn’t think speaking to others who have different beliefs would affect your faith, but I’m just a non-christian.  Maybe I am as ignorant as I’m made out to be.

The next question I would like to ask would be about your house of worship.  I see these amazing and beautiful buildings.  Nicely kept.  Wonderful to gaze upon.  Some are truly works of art!  I know the poor, homeless, and hungry don’t always match the beauty of your buildings, so is that why they are not welcomed?  Again, I think I remember somewhere in the bible Jesus helping to feed the hungry, and welcoming the unwelcomed,  but I’m probably showing my ignorance again.  Maybe one day I’ll run across the teachings about building up your buildings for your worship for two days a week instead of a shelter that would help the homeless for seven days a week.

I know I’m probably bothering you at this point, and I do apologize for it.  If you could forgive my ignorance for just a little bit longer, I only have a few more questions.  Maybe in your answers I will find some greater understanding of your faith.  I do hope so, as there are so many Christians where I live.  I can’t walk down the street without bumping into a lot of people who say they are a Christian.

With so many things going on in life, I can see how it would be hard to make it to every service offered at a place of worship.  This does make me wonder though.  I see some that are there every time there is a service scheduled.  I see some who only show up a couple times a year.  Is there somewhere in your bible that states how many services you need to attend to keep your Christian status?  You see, with so many examples, I’m not sure if it’s a matter of faith, or number of services, or some combination of both.  If you attend every service, does that mean you get extra credit?  Does that extra credit get you extra forgiveness for things like treating others badly?  Is this how some people can say one thing, but then practice something different every day?  I get really confused by this just looking in, so I know you will provide some insight here.

My last question is about God’s love.  I’m told that God’s love encompasses all of us.  How can that be when so many people are shunned by the church?  Does this go back to that members only thing I asked about in the beginning?  If it does, what is the cost to join?  I can’t seem to find a dollar amount in the bible, but again, maybe I just haven’t read enough.

Please respond as soon as you have time.  I know you are busy running here and there.  I can tell by the way you run past the hungry children and the old guy who sleeps on the street.  With so much to do for God, I’m not sure how you can fit your life in there.  I’ll keep waiting for an answer, and I’m sorry if my questions upset you.  Maybe by observing you more these mysteries will be answered.

A non-christian

Please know even after years of having Christian faith shoved down my throat and it used as part of my abuse, I know not everyone who calls themselves Christian is like this.  I know my abusers were using whatever they could to keep me where they wanted me, and it was a coincidence that Christianity was something they used.   This letter may upset some of you, and for that I sincerely apologize.  That is not my intention.  I hope you have a happy and blessed day today.





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